Our Story

We are an Australian social enterprise using the world's favourite food to fight hunger!

Hi, I'm Emma — a chocolate maker on a mission to do something about global poverty. I believe the one-for-one social enterprise model is the best way to run the gauntlet of donor fatigue and the disconnect between the developed world and those that need our help. 

That's why we give the everyday consumer the opportunity to impact those in need around the globe — simply by enjoying delicious chocolate. One bar for you = one meal for a child living in poverty.

I was inspired to start a social enterprise after volunteering in the Philippines in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan, the 2013 disaster that saw 20,000 perish. I saw the enormous impact food relief had on the affected communities’ children and I continued to raise funds for the programs after returning home.

That is why That Chocolate's first feeding project will be in the Philippines, the very place the seed was planted three years ago. We already have a fabulous network of friends on the ground in Tacloban and the framework is already in place. We love that we can be 110% confident that every dollar sent to our friends will go directly into hungry bellies —and none of it will be sucked up in admin fees or red tape. 

Once we build up the experience and knowhow through our first project, we plan to take the fight to other vulnerable areas around the globe. We believe we can change the world with a chocolate bar but we need legends like YOU! Join our mailing list and let's start a sweet movement, together.